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About us

The Healthy Foundations Center

The Healthy Foundations Center was founded by two Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Specialists that recognized the need for affirmative therapies in our community. We utilize an integrative, systemic approach to treating mental, subconscious, and behavioral ailments.

The Healthy Foundations Center is a place where you can find the guidance and support to address your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. We are dedicated to wellness for people of all ages: children, adults, and the elderly. 

Our Therapy Mission

It is our mission to provide quality, reliable, and affirmative therapy to those in the community that suffer from mental wellness issues. It is our goal to provide this therapy: tailored to each individual’s needs, with empowerment in mind, and at a fair price point. 


Our counselors each have the education, experience, and licensure needed to address a variety of mental wellness issues. By having a deep understanding of theoretical approaches and therapy modalities, our counselors are well equipped to impact mental wellness in meaningful, positive and lasting ways.

Mental Health Education

Mental wellness is an important factor in people’s lives. We educate about and prioritize mental wellness by understanding its importance for ourselves and those around us; while recognizing that mental wellness is pivotal for our wellbeing and success.  

Safety & Prevention

Keeping people safe is a priority. We have and utilize the resources necessary to treat crises when they occur and have the ability to refer to a higher level of care and/or hospital when needed.


Transformation starts with creating a nurturing environment that encourages understanding and acceptance of mental health issues. By removing the stigma, we can work together to make positive changes for everyone involved.